This Is Where The Brick Road Burns

A small circle of orthodontically superior young men and women, no two of whom are the same ethnicity, make doe-eyed oh-my-Jesus-I-am-so-pleasantly-overwhelmed-with-intellectual-stimulation-right-now faces at each other. Either they’re sprawled on an environmentally impossible emerald sea of grass, or they’re huddled around a gleaming mahogany table surrounded by gleaming mahogany bookshelves, or they’re arranged strategically on the steps of some beautifully architectured building in a manner that allows for the … Continue reading This Is Where The Brick Road Burns

Some Half-Assed Road to Recovery This Is

In seven days, “We Need to Talk” snapped up 4,000 views from 30 different countries. In seven days, I received emails and messages from dozens of people who connected somehow with my words. In seven days, I realized the truth of the situation: There is an extraordinary number of people experiencing these problems, and no one really knows where to go. Hence the million-dollar question: How do I get … Continue reading Some Half-Assed Road to Recovery This Is

We Need To Talk

Hello, world. We need to talk. I’ve been trying to write this post for so long. Since January, I’ve been constantly churning out beginnings to “We Need to Talk,” only to cringingly reread them the morning after and hastily erase everything from existence. I don’t know where to start. I don’t know which words to use, or in what order. I am very much terrified that I will botch my one … Continue reading We Need To Talk