When I Became A Server

There’s actually a section in our employee handbook called “Social Media and Blogging” which states that team members “should not create or post anything that identifies themselves as company team members or representatives.” So, because I kind of enjoy being employed, for the duration of this post we are setting up a hypothetical restaurant called Binky’s. Here are the reasons that I have decided it’s necessary to publish this post: … Continue reading When I Became A Server

When I Became A Cheerleader

The Reason I Am Writing This Blog Post Three years ago, I was making small talk with this kid whom we are going to leave physically ambiguous and call Dude for the purpose of identity protection: Dude: What’re you doing Wednesday B-Block? Me: The concussion baseline test thing. I’ve been putting it off for weeks now. Dude: Oh, you’re in cheer, right? Me: Yeah man. … Continue reading When I Became A Cheerleader